Publish at March 11 2019 Updated September 14 2022

Gender equality in science education: work to be done

A biology and medicine school's strategy for increasing the number of women professors

After long being the preserve of men, science faculties are welcoming more and more women to study science. This is very good news, but it comes with a bad news. The teaching staff of these faculties is still predominantly male. For example, at the University of Lausanne, more than 55% of biology professors and 65% of medicine professors are women. However, female professors represent only 20 percent of all those who teach at the institution.

A pattern that UNIL is seeking to reverse by aiming for parity in the faculty soon. Thus, the Faculty of Biology and Medicine has decided to implement a plan called AGIR +. It has even created a video series, started on International Women's Day, to explain the factors that cause this inequity and how it will be improved with this project.


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