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Self-evaluation in written French

In 10 minutes, know where you stand

Written French

The need to write is felt in all spheres of daily life: at work, at home, at school. It's a fact: a letter or email written without mistakes gains credibility. Mastering written French is therefore essential. This self-assessment activity will allow you to measure your skills in this area.

The test is divided into five parts:

  • grammar,
  • usual spelling,
  • syntax,
  • vocabulary, and
  • punctuation.
Each section has four multiple-choice questions which you answer by selecting the correct choice.

Please allow a maximum of 10 minutes to complete this test. The results will be emailed to you within a few minutes. The use of a grammar book or dictionary is not recommended if you want to know your actual level.

This test was designed by the Service d'évaluation linguistique (SEL); however, it is not the officially recognized French test for admission. Its main purpose is to give you an idea of your written French skills.

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