Publish at September 22 2021 Updated September 22 2021

The Photographic Counterculture

Moving away from the aesthetics of digital shots

Today, anyone can take a picture. All you have to do is pull out your smartphone from your pocket and in a matter of seconds, multiple snapshots are made. In reaction to this over-digitization of photography, artists decide to use different techniques. Thus, the 21st century seems to be the one of the photographic counterculture.

As Michel Poivert, professor at the university Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and art historian,  presents in a webconference given for the Espace Mendès France, artists are using various old approaches to create more than just the image.

Some use pinhole photography, the camera obscura technique or the photogram, an approach in which nature itself is printed on the material. It is not a question of waging war on digital but rather of thumbing one's nose at it with its often perfect image objectives. Here, the flaws are many but are as telling, if not more so, of what has been put into the picture.

Timing: 1:52

Illustration: arturo suazo from Pixabay

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