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Distance learning, a brave new world ? [International colloquium]

By the CNED School of Distance Learning Engineering and The Open University - October 21 and 21, 2022

Date: October 20 2022 to October 21 2022

The CNED through its School of Engineering of Distance Education (EIFAD), the scientific journal Distances et Médiations des Savoirs (DMS) and the British university The Open University are organizing on October 20 and 21, 2022, a bilingual international symposium on the modalities, issues, openings and perspectives of distance education during and after the Covid-19 epidemic: Distance Education, Resolutely?

Since the closure, in March 2020, of schools and universities imposed by governments around the world to curb the Covid pandemic, the use of digital tools and platforms has become the only way to ensure the continuity of teaching and learning.

This real-world, time-and-magnitude experiment has had its successes and failures. It has highlighted the diversity of the distance learning modalities implemented, their relative effectiveness, the issues specific to the preferred options, the perspectives they open up and their possible sustainability.

A strong ambition around a societal issue

The ambition of this new colloquium is to outline a scientific assessment of this unique experience around four major themes:

  • Changes in distance education policies and strategies;
  • Transformation of work organization modes of teachers, students and support staff;
  • Pedagogical models, practices and configurations;
  • Image(s) and societal issues of distance education.

Organized by historical actors of distance learning, this 100% online conference is aimed at trainers, teacher-researchers, engineers and techno-pedagogical advisors, training professionals, company managers, decision-makers in the field and, more broadly, at all those who are attentive to developments in the professions and practices of training and, in particular, of distance learning.

A website to learn more

In order for everyone to learn more about the different themes of the conference, a bilingual website is available at:

October 20 and 21, 2022: Colloquium


Registration for the online colloquium Distance Learning, Resolutely? is possible until October 1, 2022 via this page .

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