Publish at 10 novembre 2021 Updated 12 novembre 2021

Institutional and Home Care Assistance Series

Discover our engaging and well-illustrated IHCA series

A flexible approach that aims for student success

  • Interactive exercises: Students can answer questions directly in the digital version of the guide in the Mediatheque+
  • Many theoretical and practical exercises, as well as a synthesis exercise, helping students apply their new knowledge
  • Features, pictograms and real-world scenarios that promote learning
  • Complementary resources, such as multiple videos

Educational brochure - .pdf

helping-relationship relational-approaches needs-of-clients-with-physical-illnesses-and-disabilities prevention-of-infections-and-contamination situations-involving-risk


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CEMEQ - Development Center of Quebec's Teaching Resources

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5e étage Sherbrooke, Qc
J1K 2Y3

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