Publish at June 13 2022 Updated June 14 2022

LinkedIn Learning, to develop your professional skills

The learning platform, linked to your professional profile on LinkedIn

Lindekin Learning - online training for professional skills

Created in 2002 in California, LinkedIn has undoubtedly become the best known professional social network in the world. It has grown tremendously and now offers many products: job posting, finding leads but also online learning with LinkedIn Learning, created in 1995.

Why use LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning offers many video courses taught in several languages by expert trainers. The online video library includes over 14,000 courses. Depending on your profile and interests, you'll find them in the areas of Business, Creativity, Technology and Certifications. They are designed to develop your skills and advance professionally.

The advantage of LinkedIn Learning is that usually you already have an account created on LinkedIn with your profile filled in. Depending on what you have filled in and by logging into LinkedIn, you get targeted course suggestions which allows you to explore the learning platform fairly quickly at first.

If you want to expand your areas of expertise or retrain, you can also search by keyword and thus identify the skills, on which to train to evolve. For example for the job of a writer, you are offered to explore a choice of course topics on journalism, editing, creative writing, document editing, copywriting or even proofreading and you get various courses to develop specific skills in these areas.

Try LinkedIn Learning for free for one month!

If you're a subscriber, you get unlimited access to the entire Linked Learning course library, so you can learn in-demand skills anytime, anywhere. To try out the LinkedIn Learning platform, you get a one-month trial!

It's also possible to purchase courses individually, if you'd like to focus on a particular topic on a more ad hoc basis.

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