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Rituals out of the religious path

Reinventing celebrations of life in a secular way

Sociology has long known: customs are essential in our societies. Whether it is the welcoming of a newborn, the celebration of a union or the departure of a loved one, everyone needs to mark these milestone moments. Until now, this has been the core of religions. Funeral or wedding rites have always been strongly linked to these institutions.

However, in recent years, religious sentiment has been declining in many corners of the world. A significant part of the population no longer recognizes itself in the current monotheistic dogmas. Thus, it is turning more and more to secular officiants as shown in this short report shot in Switzerland.

In fact, especially with the pandemic that temporarily put a stop to gatherings, people felt the need for these rites without calling on religion. From then on, small businesses and courses were born to prepare people to celebrate weddings or funerals. A reality that does not necessarily worry the Swiss ecclesiastical world, however, which reflects on what they could learn and take away from these new rituals.

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