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11th Digital Education Summit

Theory and practice: a winning combination!

Date: May 04 2023 to May 05 2023

11 th Digital Summit in Education

Theory and Practice: for a winning duo!

May 4 and 5, 2023
Hotel Bonaventure - Montreal

The 11 th Digital Education Summit will be held at the Bonaventure Hotel in Montreal on May 4 and 5, 2023.

The Digital Education Summit is a unique event in the world. First of all it is one of the few events where practitioners, students, parents and researchers are brought together. It is also an event that brings together people from some 35 countries. This allows all the education actors present to have the opportunity to better understand what is being done elsewhere, and even to shine internationally. Finally, it is an event where all participants will come out resolutely better equipped to integrate digital in education.

Like previous editions, it aims to bring together people who are passionate and ready to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences, whether practical or scientific.

In fact, this 11th edition will emphasize the rich and multiple links between the practice and research communities, with the common goal of successfully implementing the Digital Agenda for Education and Higher Education.

The Summit is therefore intended for teachers, advisors.ères pédagogiques, school principals and all other school stakeholders, but also to the research community interested in digital education issues.

It is a unique professional development opportunity, during which participants can learn about and exchange with all the communities involved in the development of digital education.

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The Digital Education Summit is eligible for Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP) funding measures.

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