Publish at November 09 2022 Updated November 09 2022

Investing millions in post-growth

A 6-year, 10 million euro European Research Council project

This project is nothing short of revolutionary and should offer us what we believe to be the best chance to explore the transformative ideas needed to protect humanity from the intertwining crises of the coming decades: reorienting our economies away from dependence on risky growth, and toward human risk, and toward human flourishing.

Julia Steinberger, Institute for Geography and Sustainability

Ambitious indeed, especially since it will analyze not only the possibilities but also the political means of getting things done, the critical stumbling block to most good intentions.

The transdisciplinary research program will explore the 5 pillars of post-growth:

  • the planetary space of possibilities, a model for the use of resources needed to live decently and shareable equitably between North and South.
  • post-growth policy packages capable of realizing these possibilities, both for the EU and for developing countries.
  • the types of alternative supply systems needed to achieve good social outcomes with low levels of resource use. The types of political movements that would be likely to realize post-growth visions.
  • practical implementation through participatory planning.

"The European Research Council (ERC) is funding an ambitious ERC-SYNERGY action-research project on the management by societies in the North and societies of the North and South of the economic, political and social transitions towards and in an era of post-growth. This 6-year, 10 million euro project, "Post-Growth Deal" (REAL), is led by three researchers, including Julia Steinberger from UNIL, and aims to bring both radical new paradigms in ecological economics and new concrete new concrete developments in the field."

For the press release

For the full article:A transformative project in post-growth economy funded by an ERC Synergy in Spain and Switzerland - GeoBlog from the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment at UNIL - Rémy Freymond

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