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The teaching vocation is losing ground

A series of factors at play

The teacher shortage can be seen in every country. Switzerland is no exception. But how can it be explained? This radio conversation with 3 speakers discusses different reasons for this situation.

Already, the aging of Western society is making itself felt. More and more faculty members are retiring without replacements to take their place. This reversal of the age pyramid does not help. The question of salary is also at the heart of the discussions. French teachers used to earn 2.2 times the SMIC in 1980, that has dropped to 1.1 SMIC these days.

This is explained, in particular, by a loss of prestige of the teaching role in the population. Add to this young teachers disappointed by the magnitude of administrative tasks and parental demands for individual support and all this leads to a decline in interest in the vocation.

The solution lies in a revalorization of the profession through, among other things, salary, better conditions and greater autonomy left by public authorities.

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To listen to the debate

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