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Treating pathologies through breathing

Using an athletic training approach in medical treatment

An elderly man with an oxygen mask on his face

Top athletes will do anything to be the best at what they do. Among the various means employed is hypoventilation (hypoxia) training. A method where the athlete trains alternating between periods of exertion where the breathing rate or oxygen supply is lower and moments of normal breathing. It is used particularly in sports requiring endurance and breath regulation such as swimming, cycling or running.

For sports medicine specialists, this approach then raises a question: if it improves the performance of athletes, what effects would this hypoventilation have on certain diseases?

At the University of Lausanne, the first protocols are set up with people with hypertension. They are subjected through a mask (thus passively) to oxygen levels close to what is found in the mountains and then very high levels (lower than sea level). Thus, many researchers are trying to see the effects on the cells, on the pathology, etc. The initial feedback is interesting enough that scientists are working on protocols for other diseases such as cognition or neurodegeneration problems.

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