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Online Movie Directory - Thousands of movies to watch for free

Archival or independent films

Finding movies on the Internet is a relatively easy thing to do; the number of platforms that offer free viewing is growing.

Film of all genres can be found: feature films, documentaries, animated films, experimental films, newsreels, and more. As for the classic films that have fallen into the public domain, we just have to choose the platform that suits us best in terms of visuals or search possibilities.

Here are some of these sites where you can watch your favorite movies online.

  1. Black and White Movies - Public domain black and white classics
  2. Cinetimes - Classics and cartoons
  3. Crackle- On this Sony Pictures Entertainment site, movies are available for a limited time.
  4. EMOL - An entire catalog of free public domain movies at Entertainment Magazine Online.
  5. Arte Cinema - Every week, you'll find the most beautiful and unusual films from Europe's film libraries online.
  6. iMovies - Public domain movies
  7. Internet Archive - Moving Image Archive, tens of thousands of films and videos: animation, filmed performances, fiction films, documentaries
  8. Mosfilm - Soviet studio Youtube channel, some films with English subtitles
  9. National Film Board of Canada - NFB Productions
  10. OpenCulture - Over 1000 public domain films
  11. PDComedy - Public Domain Comedy
  12. Public Domain Torrent - B-movie classics
  13. TV5 Unis - Dozens of French-language movies from around the world to watch for free
  14. Ubuweb - Vanguard films

If you know of any others, we would be happy to add them - [email protected]

See also a directory of free educational video channels

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