CRIFPE - Interuniversity Research Centre for Teacher Education and the Teaching Profession

An inter-university and multidisciplinary center, CRIFPE currently has over 500 members.

The Centre for Interuniversity Research on Teacher Education and the Teaching Profession (CRIFPE) today represents one of the most important scientific research centers in Canada in the field of education and, more specifically, in the field of teaching and the teaching profession. The CRIFPE has more than 500 members.

The regular, associate and international researchers of CRIFPE belong to the main disciplines of the social sciences and humanities applied to the study of teaching and come from some 40 universities.

The scientific programming of CRIFPE is based on four axes:

  • Teaching training (initial and continuing);
  • Integration into the profession;
  • Educational intervention;
  • The school-based teaching professions.

These four axes form, in terms of our scientific programming, a continuum that covers all of the constituent processes of the teaching condition today: (1); training to teach (2); inserting oneself into the profession (3); intervening as a professional in interaction with other school and educational actors, in connection with the educational success of students (4); and finally, working in the school institution. They thus make it possible to explore and study teacher training and the teaching profession in its main aspects and issues, while bringing together the Center's researchers and teams around common themes and research objects.

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Faculté des Sciences de l'Éducation
Université de Montréal

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