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Ride On Lille - ROL - Cours de patin a roues alignées


ROL - Wrinkle one Lille is a course on line to learn ice-skating on shoes with aligned wheels, otherwise called "rollers".

The course is Inspiré by the book "Food in Roller" of Serge Rodriguez (Rollermania) and Marion Thuriot, illustrated by Romain Dutreix with the Chiron editions)

A course where you will pass from the statute of no one to that of breakage-neck in eight stages and four levels: Reception, Beginning, Clears up and Confirmed.

One undoubtedly learns better as a practitioner, then I imagine to you in front of your computer with your shoes in the feet and energy to practise in the corridor between the sections.

Even the descent of the staircases is approached; super, that will be undoubtedly useful to leave my housing.

With the program

  • Before advancing: Position of safety
  • Before slipping: Position of the feet
  • Before turning 1: Catches of cross-sections (flat, interns)
  • Before turning 2: Catches of cross-sections (external, parallel)
  • To advance: Go out of duck
  • To slip: First slips and to find balance
  • Balance: the first balance with the stop on a support
  • To turn: with the stop
  • To slow down: urban braking urgently movable
  • To know to fall: voluntarily
  • To be raised
  • To assemble duck steps
  • To advance: Alternate child’s scooter
  • To slip: Shifted feet
  • Balance: The first balance while rolling on a support
  • To turn: In position of A
  • To slow down: With the plug
  • To assemble & Descend a slope, staircase, duck
  • To advance: Lemon
  • To slip: Joined feet
  • Balance: The first directed balance
  • To turn: Parallel feet
  • To slow down: Braking in half rings
  • To assemble a pavement: Laterally
  • To descend a slope: With the brake
  • To advance: while patinating
  • To slip: while accroupissant itself
  • Balance: T
  • To turn: Turn feet out of scissors
  • To slow down 1: Braking out of snow-plough
  • To slow down 2: Braking out of alternate snow-plough
  • To go up: To assemble a pavement of face
  • To descend a slope: while going up on the slope
  • To go down from the steps: perpendicularly (out of crab)
  • To span: a hole
  • To advance: in S tractor drawing, pushing and double S
  • To slip: in small car
  • Balance: T
  • To turn: in driven out step
  • To slow down: in T
  • To go down: a pavement while letting itself slip
  • To descend a slope: out of snow-plough
  • To jump: with the stop
  • To advance: quickly
  • To slip: out of letter-box
  • Balance: in curve
  • To turn: cross turn
  • To slow down: in T alternate
  • To assemble a pavement: while jumping
  • To descend a slope: in T
  • To go down from the steps: In diagonal
  • To advance: in double S
  • To slip: the daffy, the isolated daffy
  • Balance: into royal out of letter box, Imperial out of letter box
  • To slow down: skid
  • Descent of steps: descent of steps "to the Russian" (out of duck)
  • To descend a slope: out of simple scull
  • To jump in length: while slipping

ROL - Wrinkle one Lille

Mots-clés: Parallel feetto Stepsto Marion Thuriot Statute Food in roller

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