Programmation Objet avec Java

le 13 août 2002 | Dernière mise à jour de l'article le 22 septembre 2008

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To know Java, it is not innate. Several even the teeth broke there.

Authors of this free course of Java and in line, Dzenan Ridjanovic, pH D, and Rémy Mathieu, MBA, thus express the report which carried out them to develop it:

"Thus, in order to allow a faster formation concerning the realization of the systems by the use of the Java language which contains certain complex mechanisms, better is worth to use an iterative or spiral approach. This basic idea allows an evolutionary training by means of a succession of cycles of realization.

This strategy of presentation constitutes, from our point of view, the value added comparatively to the majority (not to say all) other currently available Java volumes on the market. Indeed, when we consult a volume explaining the wheels of a programming language like Java, we see the theory of the language there strewn with disparate examples.

Although having carried out an attentive reading, we have important difficulties of realization of systems. It is only after several hours of practice that we come to end from our objectives... "

This course gradually develops a practical example, chapter after chapter. You use the development tool JBuilder Pro (version 3). If that does not function, it is that something is not clear; you will be able to find it without you to lose in the theoretical meanders. At the end of the course, you will be able to produce something as Java.

This course is a true teaching.

To learn Java with the spiral approach

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