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Aeris is a synthesis of what is made best to facilitate research in Internet. This site is excellent: it is exhaustive, goes quickly to essence, provides the best references, is practical and remains intellectually accessible all to length.

It is about a completed site of basic reference and should for this reason appear in the bookmarks of the school institutions. Lastly, it is offered under licence Creative Commons, is opened with all thus.

You will find there the tools, a complete course (with hundred practical bonds and context), exercises of application and finally the resources of support.

Do not seek any more, or rather ? Cherchez ?!


  • Tools
    • Finder
    • General tools of research
    • Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, translators,?
    • Tools of research in the services of Internet
    • To seek a specialized tool
    • Tools of the invisible Web
    • To seek scientific articles pl or references
    • To seek in the topicality
  • The course
    • Prérequis
      • Use of a computer
      • Use of the navigators
      • Use of the bookmarks (bookmarks)
    • To include/understand the Net
      • What does one find on Internet?
      • History of Internet  
      • Services of Internet
      • Documents and formats
      • Characteristics of information on Internet  
      • The invisible Web
      • Weblogs
      • To include/understand the URL of a site 
      • Internet, some definitions  
      • Significance of the error messages
    • To know the tools
      • Engines
      • Directories
      • Métamoteurs
      • Encyclopaedias  
      • Federator sites and guides
      • Webrings
      • Specificities of certain engines 
      • Toolbox
      • Glossary on the search for information on Internet
    • To seek
      • Methodology of the information retrieval
      • To prepare its research  
      • To express its research (Boolean request and operators)
      • Intuitive research
      • To choose the good tool (examples)  
      • To evaluate the resources
      • To quote the references
    • References and resources
      • Seek on Internet
      • The invisible Web
      • Weblogs on the search for information
      • Information retrieval
      • Evaluation of the Web sites
      • To quote the references
      • Other resources
  • Exercises
    • Total exercise (starting and end diagnosis of formation)
    • Exercises ?origins of Internet?  
    • Exercises ?Internet, documents and formats?  
    • Exercises ?services of the Internet?  
    • Exercises on the URL  
    • Exercises ?tools of research?  
    • Exercises methodology of research and request  In the course of design
    • Exercises ?Seeks?
    • Exercises ?Evaluation of Quality?
    • Example of research and exercises corrected
    • Examination of 2nd year of university

and finally

  • The support
    • Help
    • Accessibility
    • Forum
    • Useful software
    • Current events of Aeris


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