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Collaboration between teams is encouraged and is even absolutely necessary to survive or succeed.


OpenESub is a set of submarines in line, asynchronous, multi-players, 100% free and free.

"OpenESub is a play multijoueurs of combat of nuclear submarines of attack (SNA).

OpenESub is a play by courriel. It requires an access to the regular Web, as well as an access to the courriel. However, being practised in an asynchronous way, it asks only little time.

OpenESub will put to you with the orders of a certain number of nuclear submarines of attack which will evolve/move on zones of operations also occupied by other players.

You included/understood it, the goal of the play is to send by the bottom all this small world, the whole in the joy and good mood like with great reinforcements of valves, provocations, alliances, and other treasons...

OpenESub is played at intervals of two turns per week."

It acts of an original mixture of use of Internet and courriel.

Imagine that instead of a war of submarines you have a competition or a simulation implying of the questions, research and the presentations on line. Collaboration between teams is encouraged and is even absolutely necessary to survive or succeed.

As the play takes only a few minutes per week, it can be very well integrated in a routine of work or studies, from where its interest and its educational potential.

To test OpenESub

Mots-clés: Collaboration Sna).openesub

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