Apprendre la croissance et le développement international

le 25 mars 2004 | Dernière mise à jour de l'article le 23 novembre 2010

Indépendants - Ressources gratuites

Free courses for all those which want to finally include/understand what hides behind the terms of "growth", "development", "universalization" and "capital".


Economic and Social the Sciences section of the academy of Bordeaux explains the growth and the development with the Net surfers.

The site of the academy of Bordeaux, which shelters a section ITS (Economic and Social Sciences) had the good idea to publish courses and work of pupils of first and final to share its knowledge in trade and strategies of development.

Thus any Net surfer equipped with a little good direction and profiting from a few hours in front of him can launch out in the reading (difficult but edifying) of course on line.

With the synopsis, inter alia:

... and much of other truffés subjects of complicated words which one hears each day in the media but which one does not know the direction inevitably.

A good occasion to inform itself!

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