Création d’un photo-roman avec Power Point

le 24 novembre 2005 | Dernière mise à jour de l'article le 27 octobre 2008

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The explanations are clear and progressive. You will learn quickly.


"the picture story is a method simple and interesting to tell a history. The picture story is a mixture of a photographic diaporama and comic strip."

This lesson on the picture story, realized by Robert Lessard, school Director of Division French-speaking No 310 (Saskatchewan, Canada), shows how to prepare a picture story using the software PowerPoint of Microsoft, once the catch of the photographs finished.

The material necessary to the production of the picture story includes/understands photographs taken using a numerical camera and a computer provided with the PowerPoint software.

The animated presentation is accompanied by audio instructions. The sound is absolutely necessary to follow this formation.

The explanations are clear and progressive. You will learn quickly and without digressions. The complete course lasts a score of minutes and the approach consists of the practical realization of the romantic picture story, stage by stage.


  • Reception and introduction
  • Starting parameters
  • To add the images
  • To add the bubbles
  • Transitions
  • Download this example
  • Download the scenario
  • Example of project: safety at the laboratory

Lesson on the picture story

Another course, in text mode, on the photo novel: To learn how to create a photo novel in Internet

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