Simulateurs en mécanique, optique, électromagnétisme et thermodynamique

le 19 janvier 2006 | Dernière mise à jour de l'article le 22 septembre 2008

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You will undoubtedly discover there answers to your questions


Jean-Marc von Siebenthal produced a stripped site " Physical and graffiti" which will quickly carry you in the world of the training by discovery, that of the simulators of quality: all those which are presented there are selected carefully and are accompanied by their instructions.

Interesting strong interactive workshops are also proposed.

You will undoubtedly discover there answers to your questions as for example why a heated metal passes it of the red to the white without passing by the green nor blue... Hours of direct discoveries, without interpretation nor blah. Formidable

Classes of simulators

    • Moment of force
    • The vector in three dimensions
    • The parabolic movement in 3d
    • The vector product
    • The physics and reversibility of time at the time of the shocks
    • The relativity of the movement seen by Galileo
    • The solar system
    • A geometrical bench of optics
    • The eye
    • The apparatus of photography
    • A tank with waves
    • The ondoscope in 3 dimensions
    • The ondoscope: standing waves
    • The ondoscope: beats
    • The ondoscope: superposition
    • The ondoscope: the reflexion
    • The Doppler effect (with video)
    • The electric field
    • Electric potential
    • The magnetic field
    • Electrostatics and burden-sharing
    • Iron and magnets
    • Heat and atoms: the kinetic model of gases
    • The black body
    • The orbital ones of the hydrogen atom
    • Crystalline structure of the matter (in building site)

Interactive workshops

  • Change of units
    • Units of length
    • Units of area
    • Units of volume
    • Speed
  • Vectors
    • Components of a vector in 3d
    • To build in 3 dimensions
  • Kinematics
    • Equations
      • Equations of the movement
      • Movements with a dimension
      • Movements with two dimensions
      • Periodic movements
      • To extrapolate the movement
    • Graphs of the movement
      • Time graph
      • Graph speed-time
      • Relative movements
  • Dynamics
    • Resultant of the forces
    • Balance moments
  • Electrostatics
    • Electric loads, forces and fields
  • Magnetism
    • Poles of a magnet:
      • The bar
      • Ground
      • The magnet of dressmaker
      • The magnet of white table

Index of simulations

Physics and graffiti

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