Vacances studieuses et ludiques : l’Histoire racontée aux enfants

le 19 juin 2008 | Dernière mise à jour de l'article le 22 septembre 2008

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The educational site teaches with the children to discover by themselves and while playing: origins of the Man and the stone age, Gaulle before the Roman conquest, the conquest of Gaulle by the Romans and ouvetures towards other civilizations.


The whole small deserted the schools. The majority of the nursery schools closed and the summer schools legally wait July for their activities. The parents, already overflowed by ?these small plagues of devils? which break all at the house, which plays on the settees and the wall cupboards when they do not make hide-and-seek with the freezer, request council from the teachers to occupy the small children who play Master all the day while writing on the walls.

For those of the parents who can it, an educational site for the young people from 6 to 12 years is at their disposal to teach the history with the children. Several extraordinarily captivating activities will contraidront them on only one site: their computer, while consulting The Castle of the History who shows with our disturbing holiday makers the alarm clock to go up time.

Our young imps découvriont also with pleasure prehistory, origins of the man with the age of the stone. Animations allow a ludic training which supports the receptivity and memorizing. It is interesting to guess the didactic work which broods behind this training which subjugates learning it ?concerned?.

The site also presents several attractive and important pages which captivate learning it.

All is not only history; there are also stories, plays who will retain you all the day by informing you, a farm of happiness and many other attractions or even of the distractions.

The tired parents can revive themselves to look at of it this marvellous site which can learn to us full with things that we do not know.

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