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This course of organic chemistry was conceived initially for the pupils preparing the International Olympiads of Chemistry to the Faidherbe college of Lille, by Gerard Dupuis - professor.

Navigation is excellent and simple and throughout the modules one finds several bonds and complete explanations. One often made there settings in context and present of the historical references. In short, for which has sufficient bases, these courses of chemistry can maintain the interest.

Would miss only some exercises as well as a common glossary. What makes one when one wants to know what "énantiopure" or "ligand means". Was that undoubtedly defined some share but where?

It remains that the initiative is superb and in evolution.

With the menu:

  • Stereochemistry  
    • Method VSEPR + VSEPR (english version)
    • Representations of the molecules and stéréodescripteurs
    • Elements of conformational analysis
    • Enantiomery + Diastéréo-isomerism
    • Chiroptique
    • Elements of dynamic stereochemistry
  • Families & Functions  
    • Alcohols + Ethers + Phenols
    • Amines
    • Aldehydes and ketones
    • Ethylene compounds
    • Combined systems
    • Aromatic compounds
    • Organometallic compounds
    • Carboxylic acids + Esters
    • Anhydrides of acids, halides of acyles, ketenes
  • Workshop: molecules & Internet
  • Oscillating reactions & chemical waves

Run of organic chemistry

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