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With through this play, the player must occupy himself of his farm by nourishing his animals, by cultivating his fields, by building buildings and by buying material.


SimAgri gives the possibility to the Net surfers of managing a farm. With more than 20 000 active players, the interactions are assured.

In simulation, the player must occupy himself of his farm by nourishing his animals, by cultivating his fields, by building buildings and by buying material.

New generation of play of virtual breeding, the design of the engine and the interface were studied to make the play most realistic possible. Each player is free of his actions and can thus choose his own orientation within the community, with his friends, his employees and his resources.

Personal knowledge of the creators of the play and the work of documentation on the agricultural world made it possible to collect information necessary to the creation of the play.

With the test

The inscription is quickly made, one receives his budget, one chose his area and its type of exploitation and the play starts... does anything of it does not occur if you do not do anything.

Good, between several options, I chose a farm of goats to the foot of the Pyrenees... that takes goats to me. I buy goats. Well. What? I should transport them? Good that takes a trailer to me, a tractor... I buy. The goats are returned to the cattle shed, ouf.

What has you they to bleat? They are hungry and thirst.... it should be nourished, it is necessary to buy the hay, I buy, plus a trailer with hay. Zut the trailer that I bought is not enough strong to transport the new round balls of hay, I must buy another of them. The budget melts at sight of eye.

And then they should be milked, to collect milk in containers which should be bought, then to sell to milk... then the manure to be collected and with épandre, then what still.... life of farmer.

In short, one learns more in a few minutes than during hours and hours of blah or viewing of report. It is really well made this simulation, by people of experiment obviously!

SimAgri thus proposes to the player:

  • truths manufacturers of farm equipments (Claas, John Deere...), in a true market,
  • several species and races of animals (cow, pig, rabbit, goat...)
  • to increase its farm by building buildings (hangar, pigsty...)
  • to cultivate its fields (corn, meadows, corn...)
  • the influence of the weather on the growth of the cultures
  • an interactivity with the other farmers (joint purchase, trade...)
  • to occupy itself of its animals (food, litter, insemination...) and too
  • to hold account of the fuel costs for the rolling stock and
  • a service of mentorat for the new players.

If the role of the farmer or the stockbreeder did not plait you as much as that, you can rather take that of:

  • conveyor: manage your trucks, your drivers, etc... or
  • dealer of farm equipments: distribute the true marks, find customers, etc... or
  • manager of a center of artificial inseminations: sign from the contracts, make taking away, etc...

The access is free but a quarterly subscription is proposed to reach the totality of the play, this guarantees to the players a certain quality of services (not of publicity). The required participation turns around 2 euros. Nothing to ruin itself.

SimaAgri - Recommended to all, not just for the farmers!

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