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Artificial intelligence in human resources management

The power of collective skills

How can artificial intelligence êulate effectively in human resource management? What is the urgency for organizations to embrace this new change?

Technological advances in human resources

The virtual marketplace is experiencing remarkable growth. The digital learning environment has, for its part, revolutionized learning by achieving a 92% retention capacity among its users (Cloutier-Gravel, 2016).

Until now, organizations that have implemented a learning organization culture have been able to gain a competitive advantage, which can be found in the HR function. The HR function is constantly challenged in this ever-changing market. Artificial intelligence is quietly taking hold in modern organizations, in those that have prioritized this development.

Among the benefits are:

  • increased member engagement;
  • decompartmentalization of services;
  • user self-service;
  • flattening of management structures;
  • continuous training;
  • sharing of collective skills.

Staffing, talent and career management

In staffing, artificial intelligence enables the use of a completely redesigned platform whose béThe benefits of this platform lie in the accessibility of profiles and user-friendliness, and in their various components, which can be selected according to personalities, learning abilities, potential, knowledge and experience.

Its use replaces the pre-selection of resumes. It also allows you to obtain in a blink of an eye a match between the job description; the qualifications sought and the results obtained from tests and interviews. This saves a lot of time compared to the manual sorting and selection of the candidate. This also reduces errors related to direct or indirect discrimination, as well as compliance with policies for the hiring of minorities or persons with disabilities.

The coding of motions

In addition, the job description makes it possible to improve the words used, according to the impact and motions they produce, and according to the constraints and benefits specific to the job, responsibilities and working conditions. These words can therefore be chosen carefully, as they are coded and interpreted in terms of their positive or negative impact on prospective employees. This coding also offers to re-evaluate the terms used to improve the image of the position in the eyes of candidates, thus promoting the attraction of talent.

When data is collected through surveys, the platform can analyze users' motions as to how satisfied they are with the weight of the words used, and then encode and interpret them into human resources vocabulary.Artificial intelligence saves time for educators, managers and employees who are looking for training and development content. It recommends content that is adapted to their criteria and career evolution, while highlighting the gaps between current qualifications and development needs. Training solutions are either customized; or synthesized when joining a grouping of people.

They can also provide a diagnosis of needs, if within a global training offer, it connects several technical and pedagogical elements, in order to gather information about the needs of the people;dagogical elements, in order to collect data following satisfaction, use or interest surveys of the participants regarding the pedagogical material or new training courses.

The platform also provides statistical analysis and correlation calculations, to the great benefits of training and learning management.


The artificial intelligence platform provides interesting indicators. However, you still need to have the knowledge to know how to use them properly and have the time to do so. The platform is also limited by the commitment of the members to its use, which is enriched with the addition of data.

Member engagement across departments is required to enrich the information with the collaboration and expertise of key individuals and departments, as well as member confidence in the reliability of that information. When retained, this information is sorted, organized and numbered.


The platform provides significant time savings as the system analysis categorizes each of the received insights by person, group, and comment. Significant findings are highlighted and facilitate project follow-up and better decision making. The artificial intelligence platform becomes an engine of action in change management, whose appeal is considerable in a highly competitive market context.

HR Best Practices

An AI platform puts the spotlight on:

  • key insights that enable a better view of the workforce, at the levels of availability and qualifications required;
  • better coordination of careers, talent, and rewards programs that support their development;
  • better strategic management and leverage toward performance.

    Key Personnel

    To keep the organization moving forward with technological advances, it will need to rely on new external resources that are sharper and more innovative than ever and equipped with the most recent knowledge. The latter will be highly coveted in the labor market, even if they have little experience in the field, because they will have a key role to play in innovating as a learning organization.

    Even though the HR function is in a perpetual state of development on its capabilities to address multiple issues, the skills of its professionals remain essential, at least for now.


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