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Finding your place

Everyone has had this thought, if only fleetingly: "Am I in the right place?" We attempt to answer this question by analyzing in particular our professional situation. After all, it's central to our lives life and even our identity.

Most of our training and career paths take into account our environment environment, history and reason. But you still need to have choice of path. When substantial obstacles such as financial and family pressures are added, many people are forced force themselves to take a "reasonable" path.

It's hard to ask the younger generation to already generations to choose their profession in an increasingly uncertain world. The role of guidance counselor becomes essential, but the task is becoming increasingly complex. Nevertheless, they are best placed to help. They have the ability to adapt to the realities they encounter. Some people have multipotential personalities who want everything but to specialize; others will have precise criteria to which they will stubbornly adhere.

To be in the "right place" seems an antiquated idea. Instead, we should be talking about quest for meaning; workers and students alike go on journeys of self-discovery, experiment with different environments and sort out what they like and don't like. At the end of the day, what matters is respect for one's own values.

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  • Strategies

    June 08 2023
    By: Virginie Guignard Legros

    What is happiness?

    Whereas yesterday everything was about money, today it's about happiness. Strange individual, social and entrepreneurial reversals. Our world is changing, and schools have a duty to keep pace with the great mutations of our century, just like every other area of your life.

  • Analysis

    June 08 2023
    By: Denys Lamontagne

    The future guidance counselor and artificial intelligence

    The guidance counsellor can offer a social perspective, whereas an A.I. is still a long way from this responsibility, relying for the most part only on the interests of individuals.

  • Analysis

    June 07 2023
    By: Alexandre Roberge

    Are values more important than tasks?

    The question of values has always had a certain importance in the workplace, but this has been confirmed in recent years. A series of factors have meant that Generation Z, among others, no longer accepts just anything when it comes to employment.


  • Classes

    June 06 2023
    By: Coursera

    Career Decisions: From Insight to Impact

    Using the latest research in sociology, psychology and organizational behavior, this course will help you make better career decisions.

  • Classes

    May 30 2023
    By: Coursera

    The Great Sustainability Transition: Global challenges, Local actions

    Learn about sustainability and staying with the environmental boundaries of our planet. Understand the effects of growing affluence and population growth, and the key challenges we are facing.

  • Classes

    May 22 2023
    By: Coursera

    The Science of Training Young Athletes

    Seventy percent of kids drop out of sports before their high school graduation. Almost 70% leave because they were not having fun, or due to problems with the coach. This course is packed full of practical sports science information that provide youth coaches and parents with the practical pediatric sports science insights to successfully retain young athletes and develop their sport potential while avoiding injury and overtraining.


  • Video - Podcast - WebDocu

    June 07 2023
    By: Companies

    Voluntarily living on the bangs of society

    The story of a man who left everything behind to live soberly in the woods. An existence more in tune with his values.

  • Video - Podcast - WebDocu

    June 06 2023
    By: Companies

    Death is their business

    We all feel uneasy about death. However, this sector is experiencing a revival of interest among workers undergoing retraining who are trying to make this stage more humane.

  • References

    June 06 2023

    HUE activity sheets

    The HUE activity sheets are a series of free resources for primary school teachers published to help set up and manage a stop motion project in the classroom.


  • Applications

    June 08 2023

    Atlas VPN: a solution for securing your public wireless networks

    Atlas VPN is an application that enables us to work online without the risk of fraud and protects against attacks of all kinds.

  • Applications

    June 07 2023

    Create and customize your website with Zyro

    Make yourself known around the world using Zyro, website creator.

  • Applications

    May 25 2023

    Pi - One more artificial intelligence, but more cautious and with a better memory

    Pi can exchange in just about any automatically translated language, so you can consult it in your own language without any problem. We suspect that its main database is in English. Unlike other A.I.s on the market, Pi has been trained on selected data. We didn't take everything from the Internet... High-performance, friendly, but just as indiscreet as the others.

Moocs - Webinairs



  • June 08 2023

    Why French is an Excellent Choice for Raising a Bilingual Child

    French is widely spoken all over the world, being an official language in 29 countries and spoken by over 300 million individuals. Fluency in French opens doors to employment opportunities, particularly in international businesses operating locally and globally.

  • May 30 2023
    By: INRIA - National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control

    40 years of the Internet

    During the Cold War, the Americans were trying to develop a communications technology capable of linking computers across the country. Their work over several decades led to the creation of the Internet.

  • May 25 2023

    Opportunities and Challenges of ChatGPT for Education

    ChatGPT may seem like a threat – students already started using it for writing assignments. However, the situation may not be as grim as it seems.


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