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Globally, the number of expatriates hovers around 3% of the world's population. Really a lot of people!

Schools for foreigners appear then when there are enough expatriates in the same area who want their children to be educated in their reference system... to eventually facilitate their return.

The expats are not, strictly speaking, immigrants; they are transients. Official or unofficial ambassadors, specialized workers, traders, adventurers, soldiers, students... they are not tourists either; they are here for a reason that is not vacation. All this is in transformation: the new nomads, workers or students, settle everywhere as soon as the Internet is available. Do they claim expatriate status when their homeland is the Internet? They are at home everywhere. Finally, they never really leave; they connect to everything.

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  • Analyses

    11 mai 2022
    By: Denis Cristol

    Erasmus: a European educational success

    Erasmus: the roots of a European political and educational success.

  • Publications

    11 mai 2022
    By: Benoit Pignard

    Escapade in the traveler's syndrome [Thesis].

    Traveling or expatriating means running the risk of suffering from a strange disease: the Paris syndrome. This syndrome mainly affects Japanese tourists visiting Paris and can take the form of psychological and physical suffering caused by the destruction of their representation of an idealized France by its reality. Let's discover in detail what allows the setting up of such a situation with the thesis of Kumiko Ishimaru.

  • Analyses

    10 mai 2022
    By: Sandrine Benard

    Expatriate in V.O.

    Is expatriation for better or worse a perpetual dilemma between nostalgia for the language of one's origins and the quest for the foreigner? Is language an insurmountable challenge in this adventure? How to expatriate in the "original version"?


  • Classes

    15 mai 2022
    By: Udemy

    Connected Expats - Making a Successful International Move

    A big, international move can feel so daunting - how do you get a visa? What's a consulate visit like? And how in god's name are you supposed to afford everything if you're barely scraping by at home? The research can feel overwhelming. However, your life abroad is entirely within your reach, and the Connnected Expats course and community will help you get there!

  • Classes

    15 mai 2022
    By: Coursera

    Human Rights for Open Societies

    Human rights are under pressure in many places across the globe. Peaceful protests are violently quashed. Voting is tampered with. And minorities are often excluded from decision-making. A solid protection of human rights is needed for an open society to exist and to flourish. But it is often an uphill battle to work towards that ideal. Equip yourself and learn more about what human rights are and how they work.

  • Classes

    15 mai 2022
    By: EdX

    Immigration and Labour Markets in Economic History

    Do immigrants lower the wages of low-skilled workers? How quickly do immigrants integrate into the labour market and what policies foster integration? Explore these questions from the perspective of economic history, using empirical evidence and data analysis. This course may serve you to enhance your career options in the public or private sector.


  • Video - Podcast - WebDocu

    10 mai 2022
    By: Sociétés

    Swedish disillusionment for Afghan expatriates

    In 2015, Sweden welcomed migrants with open arms, particularly those from Afghanistan. Years later, the immigration services have never been able to process all the applications and the climate has become hostile to these expatriates. Yet, some of them are doing everything to stay in Sweden.

  • Video - Podcast - WebDocu

    10 mai 2022
    By: Sociétés

    The French in an America in crisis

    Many French expats have moved to the United States to live the American dream as portrayed in the media. Since 2016, however, political division and successive crises have made life in America much less rosy for these expats. Some continue to believe in this ideal while others have decided to leave.

  • Video - Podcast - WebDocu

    10 mai 2022
    By: Sociétés

    What is the share of immigration in France?

    During the 2022 presidential campaign in France, the theme of immigration was on everyone's lips. Many politicians, on the right and even on the left, spoke of the migratory "threat", risking to sweep the French population. But what do the numbers really say? Is the picture as alarming as some claim?


  • Applications

    20 mai 2022
    By: Xperiencify

    To get students to complete their courses, have them play

    If a course is as interesting as it is fun to take, the student will see no point in leaving it. Here is a method with 7 triggers that are as good as video games.

  • Directories

    10 mai 2022

    Truly private communications - 5 trusted apps and some not so trusted

    Even if we have nothing to hide, we still put curtains on our windows. We can do the same for our conversations and exchanges. 13 applications for securing communication, some more reliable than others.

  • Directories

    04 mai 2022
    By: Thot Cursus

    Note-taking techniques and applications - Directory

    You'll find in this directory not only the most important note-taking techniques but also great applications to help make the most of them.

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  • 20 avril 2022
    By: University of Lausanne - UNIL

    Will your job disappear? Ask the robot or the A.I.

    A team of roboticists from EPFL and economists from the University of Lausanne have created an online tool that is accessible to everyone and estimates the probability of a job staying or disappearing.

  • 13 avril 2022

    IIEP in Action 2021 [Report].

    At the worst of the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, more than 1.6 billion learners of all ages were affected, representing 94% of the world's school-going population. During this period, IIEP supported the education systems of UNESCO Member States by providing key documents, policy recommendations and technical support.

  • 09 mars 2022

    Building the capacity of ministries of education to lead in crisis

    Each of the case studies examined educational policy, infrastructure, institutional and technical capacity, teacher management, and coordination. They provide targeted recommendations based on the research findings. With several million refugees, including several hundred thousand children, the countries bordering Ukraine will be able to draw inspiration from them.


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