Privacy Policy

A Thot Cursus member's data belongs entirely and completely to them.
When a member deletes their account, we do not retain any of their data.

Thot Cursus administrators have no access to a member's data other than to assign management settings (subscription, collaboration status, activation/deletion). We may delete the account of a member who does not comply with the member editorial policy.

The data accumulated by the Thot Cursus system in relation to a member is used only to personalize the information sent to the member. 

Artificial intelligence processing data transmitted to third parties is anonymized.

The data collected by advertising entities (Google and AddThis) is not under our control and is no different from other sites that serve their ads in syndication. If you do not wish to be tracked by these companies, use your browser's anonymous browsing feature.

The data collected by these companies is not under our control and is no different from other sites that serve their ads in syndication.

Member Editorial Policy

Members may write their profile as they see fit with the following restrictions:

  • Posting artwork that he/she does not own the rights to or whose rights are not public is prohibited;
  • posting pornographic or degrading illustrations is proscribed;
  • publication of hateful, falsified, plagiarized, and other unacceptable forms of text is proscribed;
  • presentations aimed at commercial, advertising, or solicitation promotion are proscribed; Thot Cursus offers affordable and effective promotional services, but this is not the function of the members' section.

Non-compliance with these restrictions will result in account blocking without warning.

For information and communication regarding this, contact [email protected]

Loss of Data

Loss of a Thot Cursus member's data, for any reason, is not subject to a claim of any kind. The service is provided free of charge to members with no further guarantee.

Refund policy for full edition subscriptions

We will refund any paid subscription in proportion to the unexpired period of the subscription ( x/92 days or x/365 days) from the time we receive the refund request, regardless of the reason. 

The refund is made via Paypal or the customer's original payment method.

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