Thot Cursus averages between 25,000 and 40,000 visitors per week.
We distribute our mailings to over 37,000 subscribers.

Advertisements can be displayed on the site, in lists (example), and in mailings to subscribers.

Accepted formats:gif, png, jpeg

Advertising on the site

  Site - per week
Banner - top of page $300 C$450
Banner - right margin (articles) 200 € C$300


Advertising in an article, directory or folder

  By year
$1200 CDN


Advertising in mailings  (example)

  Newsletters - per week - 5 mailings
 €150 $225 CDN


    2 sem: 10%
    4 wk: 15%
  12 wk: 20%
  42 wk: 


Text links

Home page link/month $120  $180 cdn
Link all pages / month* 200 €  300 $ca
Link in an article / Permanent 
$300 CDN

*Only for education-related products/services

For more information or to order: [email protected]

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