• Present courses, videos, apps, moocs, events, job postings to over 40,000 visitors per week;
  • Reach over 36,000 subscribers directly;
  • Increase your presence on networks;
  • Improve your search engine rankings;

Annual promotion  

Each item is associated with others from the same promoter.
Add as many items as desired, without limit.

This service includes:

  • access to the management interface for creating and editing content. 
  • distribution in Thot Cursus publications.
  • the institution's presentation in the directory
  • subscription to the full edition
  • a monthly performance report

  • Annual Promotion - Package  :  800 euros
    Add 25% for broadcasting in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
To activate your promotion or for more information contact: [email protected]

Promotion of a single item 

  • Send your promotion content to [email protected]
  • Pay via PayPal through the link you will be provided
  • Promotion approved*
  • Distributed and permanent display**

* Released upon approval - see conditions - full refund if denied.
** disabled if link inoperative or event expired

  • Promotion of a single item300 euros

Public Communications

Showcase your accomplishments

Public Communications (PC) Watch ensures continuous production of news about you, with no extra work for your communications manager.

Demultiplier effect

Each news item produced is associated with the institution.
The more frequent the news stories, the more effective the package.

The CP package includes:

  • Client's public communications watch
  • Editorial coverage and regular promotion
  • Editorial and circulation in Thot Cursus publications. 
  • Access to management interface for content editing
  • Institutional listing in directory
  • Subscription to full edition of Thot Cursus;
  • Monthly performance report.

For ordering or details, contact [email protected]

  • Public Communications Package  CP 4 - 1200 euros - 1 per season
  • Public Communications Package  CP 12 - 1840 euros - 1 per month
    Add 25% for broadcasting in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Press Releases

Press releases are sent individually to Thot Cursus subscribers in an HTML layout and include links and images.
Each subscriber receives the release in their mailbox.

The releases are also accessible on the site, on RSS feeds and on networks.

A performance report is available: number of recipients, number of releases opened, number of links clicked.

  • Press Releases : 650 euros, repeat : 300 euros.

Release package


  • sending a press release
  • inclusion in the mailing to 36 000 subscribers
  • posting on the site until the deadline
  • listing of the institution in the Directory of Institutions
  • subscription to the complete edition

  • Press release package: 900 euros

Contact: [email protected]

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