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Dedicated to the promotion of learning in all its forms, Thot Cursus has been online since 1996.  We promote the use of digital tools and resources for education and culture, in all areas of human activity.

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Thot Cursus Inc.

284 rue Durocher
Quebec City, Qc
G1K 4W8

Tel: 581 986 3364

URL: http://cursus.edu
Email: [email protected]
ISSN: 1715-8877  

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Thot Cursus is produced by a team whose members pool their skills in education, training, multimedia, and distance learning, as close as possible to pedagogical and technical developments in all disciplines and professional fields.

Denys LamontagneQuébec

Publishing managers
Isabelle GruetFrance
Alexandre RobergeQuébec

Denis Cristol
Frédéric DuriezFrance
Aude Chartier Vallart
Christian Ngouassi Élongué   
Benoit Pignard
Sandrine BénardQuébec
Sílvia Morera Fugardo
Nicolas Le LuherneFrance
Régis Vansnick
Sandra DumaisFrance
Virginie Guignard Legros
Jacques DuboisFrance
Sabrina Marie Budel
La Réunion
Gérald Tirot
Denis Bismuth
Sandra Minobe
Narcisse Fomekong


Inventor of writing and patron of scribes, Thot was the ancient Egyptian god of knowledge.

He divided time and space and established the standards of measurement that allow us to share the same reality and to agree; hence his role as arbitrator, healer, historian.

As he represents knowledge beyond time and space, we spontaneously chose him as a symbol and protector of distance learning.  

History of the company

Thot Cursus Inc. began its online activities in 1996 with "Cursus - Répertoire international de la formation à distance francophone", followed in 1997 by "Thot - Nouvelles de la formation à distance ».

Started as a project of the Quebec Native Training Institute, Thot Cursus became an independent corporation in 2003. Thot Cursus is now available in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese

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