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Directory of Anti-Plagiarism Tools - Prevention and Detection

To not remain passive in front of plagiarism practices, whether they are voluntary or not.

Many plagiarism prevention and detection tools have appeared on the web especially at the level of academic sites. Free solutions certainly have their limits when compared to proprietary software versions.

Sometimes a simple query on a search engine can be enough to spot this or that rehash of this or that content. Today's tools are not limited to text alone either: they are now interested in other media such as images...

Compare files: text, images, videos

  • ArticleChecker 
    Easy-to-use tool, just copy and paste your text or document to check it to web pages.

    The correction of the document is done directly online, there are several ways to get credits for free.

  • Plag Scan
    In English, French, German and Spanish. From 5 €.

  • TinEye 
    Efficient copied or parodied image search tool. Simply upload the original file or enter a URL. The service then displays similar images from its database. Plugins for Chrome and Firefox are available.

  • Pixsy 
    Same use as Tineye, to check images on a site, requires creating an account first.

  • 3YA
    Online tool "freely available to all. The phrase or sentence entered is searched in three Google services: Google Books, Google Scholar and Google.

Detecting text copies on the web

  • Check-plagiarism
    Enter your text, it's compared to what's on the internet. Simple. Complemented by other tools.

  • Chegg Writing 
    Plagiarism detection, checking, auto-citations, grammar correction, writing help. In English and by subscription.

  • Copyscape
    Search for copies of a URL on the web.

  • Dupli Checker
    Detection service that offers several search modes: text, URL, .txt file. You can then run your query on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

  • Google alerts
    Initially intended as a watchdog tool, it can also be used to check that such and such an expression is not re-used elsewhere on the web. The different occurrences are reported by sending to your email.

  • Grammarly
    Not only does it correct your mistakes (in English) but it also checks if the text is plagiarized. But it's not free.

  • iThenticate 
    Paid document verification service. Credit system.

  • Online Plagiarism Checker
    Free and also works in French. Grammar check and explained is a welcome "plus".

  • Ouriginal
    Easily detects plagiarism - Brings together Urkucker's expertise
    Copies your text, it is compared and the results are presented... simple. Free for 3 attempts.

  • PL Text
    Based on a very powerful A.I., shows sources of plagiarism detected.

  • Scribbr 
    Verification (proofreading and correction, references) and plagiarism detection service. Doing one prevents the other.

  • Turnitin
    Checks for plagiarism but also allows feedback to students.$$

  • Unplag
    Professional service, for $5 per month. Does not store your documents but compares them to anything on the Internet.

  •  Writer
    Online text verification tool, works in English only

Dedicated software

    Plagiarism detection help software

  • DiffMerge
    Free cross-platform .txt file comparison software. It makes each file appear in a different window allowing you to easily visualize (color code) the differences.

  • Plagiarisma
    Anti-plagiarism software for students and teachers, basically free...

  • Viper
    Two modes of search are offered: local or online. The tool seems to favor English text.

  • WcopyFind
    Open-source on Window

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