Publish at June 06 2011 Updated March 04 2022

Twitter language for beginners

Dictionaries and guides to familiarize yourself with the very particular language of the microblogging site.

Surely, Twitter is the talk of the town. The number of its users is steadily increasing, even if this social network is still far from having reached the astronomical user numbers of Facebook. But if you have an intensive monitoring activity and you want to exchange good links with members of your professional community, Twitter becomes almost unavoidable. But here's the thing: when you get on Twitter, what do you see? Sentences interspersed with weird acronyms, endless arobases, "#" accompanied by words or abbreviations, etc. And why every Friday, do our contacts start sending endless lists of usernames, preceded by the two letters FF?

Bref, Twitter neophytes can quickly be lost and tempted to quickly leave the network by exclaiming, like Obelix : " They are crazy, these Twittos! " However, they would be wrong to give up the game solely on the basis of a lack of knowledge of the language of Twitter. Especially since some followers have decided to help their fellow man by providing them with suitable resources.

So, we'd advise the Twitter beginner to start by taking stock of what they know about Professional Networks and Social Media blog.

The Twitter Lexicon

Once you know your level, it's easier to fill in the gaps. There are many Twitter guides on the Web, whether they are in English or in French. There are also lists of words and symbols, such as here on Vicus the blog.

Those who learn better by seeing things will appreciate this post from Presse-Citron entitled The Little Twitter Illustrated. A screenshot is shown with almost every definition, so it gives real-life examples.

And for the more advanced...

Once you get past the specific language barrier, you'll need to improve your communication skills. Twitter allows for many more uses than just sending messages in 140 characters. So go ahead and discover its aplications (which are called twapp). For example, you can ask your Twitter contacts for their opinions through twtpoll which easily allows you to create polls (multiple choice, ratings, etc.) and even conduct censuses! The free version of this service is limited in the number of responses for each survey, but you can produce as many as you want. At this blog in English, you'll find a very comprehensive list of apps, so comprehensive that it might scare you away! Perhaps you'd rather browse this Top 10 Best Twitter Apps, in French...

Let's finally remember that Thot Cursus is on Twitter. Feel free to follow @thot!

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