Publish at September 22 2008 Updated May 24 2022

phpBB : the free discussion forum

To be installed on your site and without advertising.

Free forums are often plagued with ads, take a long time to load or contain display anomalies. However, there are real free and open-source forums that you can install on your site without ads.

phpBB is based on the PHP language, the most widely used server-side web programming language across the Internet, which the community is constantly evolving. Using it allows phpBB to be an extremely fast and comprehensive forum.

phpBB 2.0.11 has been completely rewritten since the first version. This second release has been developed with a focus on professional quality modular design, high security, an interface in over 40 languages, increased support for different database servers, and full GUI customization, all with exceptional speed.

Moreover, phpBB is an open-source program, so you don't need to purchase a license, or subscribe, and you can modify the program code to suit your needs. Add to that the friendly and welcoming "phpBB community", and you have the solution to creating your own community on your own site!

In the phpBB documentation , you will find all the information about its features :

  • Installation
  • Database server support
  • Security
  • Forums & Categories
  • User group permissions & Forums
  • Members
  • Moderation
  • Administration panel
  • Graphic interface & Customization
  • Support & Community

Download phpBB in English or French version.

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