Publish at March 22 2015 Updated September 22 2022

Miniconomy: a complete simulation on business and society

A very relevant serious game about the economy and society

The rules of business can be similar to those of a board or video game. So it makes sense to create serious game titles about business. In 2001, two Dutch students decided to create an online business game that was both educational and realistic. But since then, their idea has grown and their a game has evolved into a true business simulation:  Miniconomy. Their game is available in 8 languages.

Once registered for free, a player will therefore choose a city and start developing a small business. He will search for resources, make products and sell them. He will also be able to put some capital into the stock market and do business with other individuals. But nothing forces him to be nice. As in real life, some smart guys may resort to crime to hurt their opponents. No gambler can die, but he can lose because of bankruptcy caused by hospital bills.

That's why, fortunately, other players can decide to change careers and keep the peace by becoming bodyguards or policemen. They can also play the role of priests, building officials or even mayors or kings (depending on the political system in place on the server) in this virtual society. To do so, you will usually need to graduate and then apply as soon as possible.

The game time is based on a round principle. This one lasts about 3 weeks. This is important since a deal, placement or mandate lasts a limited number of rounds that must be taken into account. The game interface is partially translated into French, but it is better to understand English to be able to play and exchange with other players. Not to mention that it allows you to read the complete wiki that explains all the subtleties of this sharp simulation. Especially since the French tutorial does not work.

It's also worth noting that to get certain perks in the game, players will need to purchase credits. The prices range from 7,50 € to 55 €. In short, a very interesting company simulation that economics teachers can use to teach their students about business.

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