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Models of educational leadership from around the world

All different? All leaders?

Educational Leadership

In the course of my life I have been fortunate enough to travel and to discover professionally different cultures educational cultures. Each of them taught me otherness and the encounter of the other. In this text I try to give an account of the way in which the passage through the other elevates us and inspires us. My experience is insufficient to divert national cultures opened on the world and complex from some meetings from a few encounters and say "this is how they teach in this country in such and such a country", it is more modestly a question of identifying questions and hypotheses likely to illustrate forms of educational leadership educational across the world.

  • Visit to Birmingham: teacher coaching

    As part of a European program I was able to visit a private school in Birmingham. The school was located in the suburbs The school was located in the suburbs of Birmingham and taught students between the ages of 12 and 14. I was first the vegetation surrounding the school, the proximity to a nearby chocolate factory, and chocolate factory next door, and what surprised me the most was the name of the proudly inscribed in capital letters on a large wall at the entrance.

    A bit of a "Harry Potter"-type educational institution, all the students were students were dressed in suits and ties. At the same time, competition competition appeared as a strong value in the group photos and the exhibited and an incredible number of anti-bullying slogans were displayed.

    But the most surprising scene was that of one teacher coaching another in a But the most surprising scene was that of a teacher coaching another in a work situation. He was in a cubicle insulated by a one-way mirror. Both were connected by a microphone and a microphone and a miniature earpiece. What really amazed me was the debriefing scene in which the debriefing scene where the novice teacher gave feedback to his coach on the advice he had given him. An educational sharing where everyone learns. A leadership of power and counter-power, all in influence?

  • Visit in India: contribution to his community

    A conference took me one day in India, where I had the opportunity to India, where I had the opportunity to attend the speech of the director of the school of who invited me on Independence Day. The girls in sari sing the national anthem. The flag is unfurled. Petals of roses escape from it. In impeccable English, the director pronounced words that in other words that in other countries would be described as very nationalistic. The The continent was to become a "new India Company". Every student present was considered privileged and had to pay his moral debt to the poor villages and peasants. moral debt to the poor villages and peasants through voluntary action.

    At the heart of Electronic City 2, the school would be a beacon to the world through discipline and personal effort. Demanding leadership is taking hold.

  • Visit to Quebec: student tutoring, community community

    Those who have not visited the Quebecers and their immense pedagogical knowledge fix this mistake as soon as possible. The father and mother Christmas of pedagogues reside there. Not only the group practices and peer learning are perfectly mastered, but they are also combined with but they are also combined with digital tools and platforms and other social social learning.

    The warmth of face-to-face and the connecting power of connection of networks. But what is learning is when the entire leadership of a CEGEP receives a passing stranger to transient to instruct him or her in a practice. The tutoring of learning among students. This may seem unoriginal to some, but when the practice is a real school policy, one will better understand the saying that saying that when you teach others you learn twice.

    The The dynamic that has been set in motion benefits the apprentice teachers as much as their students. It is a whole system of repetition of courses that is horizontalized. Peer-to-peer learning between peers will eventually prepare a distributed leadership.

  • Visit Finland's school of entrepreneurship

    You are 20 years old and you push the the door of the Tiimiakatemia entrepreneurship school and you are told pretty much this language.

    "Welcome to you; you will have 3 years to build a business, earn enough money to go on a world tour to complete your the world to complete your apprenticeship. To succeed you will learn in a team and you will be able to rely on your coaches. They are experienced business practitioners. practitioners. Ask them good questions.

    By the way there are no classes, use your computer. We can recommend some books. It starts now."
    Each is an entrepreneur in the making that the team is working to to polish. A form of entrepreneurial leadership takes hold in this learning-by-doing process.

  • Visit to Ensci A great school of design

    As I write these words one of the of the most great French design schools is on strike; students as well as teachers.s For what reason? The newly appointed leader is far from the standards of the profession. 

    The Ensci was founded on a practical utopia. It is first and foremost a huge workshop where we shape the where each student has his or her own space and teachers move from desk to desk from desk to desk. Projects of increasing difficulty are the backbone of the course. of difficulty that form the backbone of the course. Depending on their projects, the students go through digital equipment, a material library, workshop spaces...

What leadership models ?

Eduveille tries to offer a vision on the different meanings that can be given

  • The leadership instructional is focused on student achievement of educational standards  the head of the school is the primary leader.
  • The leadership instructional is a learning leadership that combines learning, organization, and professionalism.
  • The leadership shared : the teachers act as a group of leaders and make decisions about teachings.
  • The educational leadership appears as " a process of reciprocal influence, in which members of a collective construct, interactively, the meaning of an " act together " which aims to transform educational practices ".
  • The transformational leadership is a " reciprocal engagement between the leader and group members, leading them leading all to a higher level of motivation "..

There is no homogeneous view of what instructional leadership educational leadership encompasses, and today we would have to evoke in addition a digital digital or a digital charisma associated with teachers' language proficiency so much a share of influence has slipped from the classroom to social networks. Probably a focus of an initiative like Manag'educ.



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