Publish at March 31 2020 Updated February 17 2022

Seeing through the eyes of a person with autism

A video experiment reproducing the daily stresses of autism

To a neurotypical person, the behavior of individuals with autism may seem abnormal. Why do they panic in places like shopping malls or public transportation? Why do they cover their ears or frantically move their hands or feet? The National Autistic Society in Britain decided to create vignettes and advertisements to remind us of how these people live in everyday life.

In this BFM-TV report, two clips are brought together: one of a boy shopping with his mother and a young woman whose train is running late. In both cases, anxiety rises as they are subjected to stimuli and changes in their daily lives. The goal of these vignettes is to remind British citizens to show kindness to people on the autism spectrum rather than judgment.

Length: 2 minutes

Illustration : Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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