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Directory of book summary sites - The best books to discover

The Book That Will Change Your Life Awaits You Somewhere!

Among a Million...

Several million books are published every year in the world. In the US alone, more than 600 000 new books are published; in France, more than 70 000 and we are not talking about self-publishing. In Quebec, more than 8 000. What about Turkey? 70 000. In the rest of the world, the figures are similar. On average, a little less than one book per 1,000 inhabitants. Which still makes several million each year... Among these, a few nuggets, a few thousand, of which we will only read a tiny percentage if we read a book every day...

The Best Books

Book summary sites have grasped the potential of the situation: they help us extract the substance of the best books, which we can absorb in a few minutes, on our phones or on audio between destinations.

The Best Summaries

The sites featured in this directory are all by professionals, people who have made it their practice and their livelihood. There are several other sites maintained by dilettantes, we have not listed them. 

Here are the best sites for becoming better through the knowledge of others.

  1. Actionablebooks      
    English - Business Books. Service offered from a professional coaching service perspective.

  2. Blinkist              
    English - Non-fiction -Book summaries and ideas. Also available in audio.  $9-$16/month

  3. In French - Personal Growth - Cool private initiative and professional achievement.  Free

  4. In French - Academic - In the purest French intellectual tradition. 8 €/month

  5. GetAbstract             
    In French - In English - 20 00ref="" target="_blank">12min             
    In English, Spanish, and Portuguese - Non-fiction - A few hundred selected and filtered titles. Summaries are offered in text or audio. New releases every week - $$

  6. 4books          
    In Italian - Non-fiction - €8-10/month

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