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Easily organize an Escape Room at home or at school - in 4 languages

A good idea for a team brainstorming session, to occupy children or teenagers during a weekend, school vacations or in class

Escape Kit to organize Escape Games for children, teenagers or adults

On Thot Cursus, we have already shown the educational and cultural value of organizing an Escape Room. The objective is to solve riddles as a team to access the next part of the story and escape from a room. Therefore, you have to deploy knowledge and skills and know-how as a team to get out.

Here's the thing, right now it's more complicated to get together in rooms dedicated to Escape Rooms and moreover it has a certain cost. It is of course possible to create a home Escape Room from A to Z but we do not all have talents of scriptwriter and you need to have a lot of time, if you want it to be of good quality with well crafted puzzles and a little skills in graphics for a get a presentation that gives desire to immerse. 

Escape Kit, a young French company offers a turnkey solution to easily organize Escape Rooms at home, with all the necessary elements.  On their website, one can choose the game according to the age range of the children, the level of difficulty and the number of players. Thus, one can find different games for children and even for teens and adults with a wide variety of universes : from The journey of the Little Prince for 3-6 year olds to Heist of the Century (+ 16 years old).

For Halloween, Escape Kit has released the Escape Room Will you dare to enter ? aimed at the 14+ age group, guaranteed to be 100% terrifying, especially if you play in the dark, to get you in the mood. In 2021, it is the universe of Arsène Lupin that inspired them to release their Escape Room.

The advantage is that once you finalize the payment of the chosen game, you immediately get the files to download that will be ready to print. Count a little more time for your first organization especially if one does not completely master the double-sided printing of their printer or need to take the time to go to the copy shop. Then just turn your space (home, school, recreation center) into a playground and off you go for 1 hour of adventure.

The sleeping curse, an Escape Room about the Harry Potter universe

To give you a more concrete idea of these Escape Rooms, we selected the Escape Room The sleeping curse aimed at 6-10 year olds which is inspired by the Harry Potter universe. However, kids won't need to have read or seen it to fully participate in the game but they will enjoy it even more if they love this universe.

What we particularly liked about the design of this Escape Room :

  • the graphics of the cards: the typography and illustrations are in keeping with the wizarding world and make you want to immerse yourself in the world of The Bewitched School;
  • the variety of materials : the immersive map of the bewitched school with the signs of the doors of the different rooms to easily find your way, the invitation cards, the diplomas rewards;
  • the variety of the cards of the enigmas with different illustrated templates to print and reconstitute;
  • the variety of the enigmas appealing at the same time to the observation, logic, coding etc.
  • the setting: room by room, you are told where to place the various puzzles and clues: behind a cabinet, a chair (what we all have at home or in a school).
  • the rules and the flow of the game are simple and effective to state for the organizer;
  • the children can not block too long on the same riddle risking to be discouraged because it is possible to get an answer, however, scooping a card gage.


Once you have acquired a game, it will be possible to replay as many times as you want. In this case, we advise you if possible to laminate the cards so that they last over time. Children can play it with their family, with friends at a birthday party, with neighbors, in class or in a leisure center. A child who has already played it will be able to become the master of the game and organize himself the Escape Room by placing the riddles in the right place and ensuring the good progress of the game, a good way to value this child by giving him responsibilities.

Escape Kit in 4 languages is a good idea to easily, quickly organize an Escape Room at home during a rainy weekend or during the school vacations but also in class or in a recreation center. With the beautiful days, it is also to organize some outside in a garden or a park by creating different landmarks.

We have a promotional code for Thot Cursus readers, which will allow you to have a 10% discount, the opportunity for you to discover Escape Kit. Add promo code THOT to your cart to benefit. 

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