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Kialo : super digital tool for rational debate

Strengthen discussion and participation, in all languages - For use in all schools - Try it!

Kialo - Example

How do we shift student thinking?

There are no two hundred ways and discussion is by far the most effective.
But establishing dialogue is easier said than done in practice. Managing human emotions remains the main problem and can undermine any progress.

Here's an extremely well-designed app to do just that:Kialo edu.


  • A statement or idea is posed
    • Arguments for and against are expressed and ideas can be developed.
      • Counterarguments for and against are associated with the arguments
    • Arguments are rated according to their weight; anyone can vote on or add to an argument or add new ones.
    • The thread of the discussion can be viewed ( the circle icon in the upper left) and one can trace the development of thought.
      The most buoyant arguments are found first as long as participants rub shoulders with others' ideas and vote.

    • The platform works in all languages, including French.

    Troll management

    Arguments can be flagged as appropriate or not. Trolls may be dismissed and their authors banned from the discussion.

    Try it out!

    Enough with the presentation, try it out!

    Access to virtual education should be free and equivalent to institutional

    To add an argument, click on "+" in the "for" or "against" column

    To add a counter argument, click on the argument, then again on a + to add.

    Video explanation

    Kialo -

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  • The art of conversation


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