Publish at March 23 2021 Updated May 03 2022

Our urine, the future ecological fertilizer?

A solution that is still difficult to apply today

Urine jar

We are conditioned to dump waste in the water. Just flush and away goes human urine and feces down the drain. Yet this could be seen as wasteful. Indeed, we don't know it, but urine, among other things, contains many chemical substances that are highly valued by plants. In fact, experiments already show that diluted urine in a vegetable garden allows for a better harvest of vegetables.

How can this use be generalized in farms that would no longer need to import chemical fertilizers? For now, everything is being tested. Some are trying to create a product from urine so that it is easier and cheaper to transport. Others have created toilets with a section that separates liquids from solids. Finally, they are increasingly advocating for the sewage system itself to collect this liquid gold, thereby reducing the cost of water purification.

Time: 8min38

Illustration: Ewa Urban from Pixabay

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