Publish at September 14 2021 Updated September 20 2021

All seek to capture our attention

A discussion on those who are taking up our time

Technically, we have never had so much time. The automation of many domestic tasks, among others, has given us free time. Yet we feel like we don't have enough of it. It has to be said that the web giants (GAFAM) have realized that there is money to be made from our attention. So, with different interfaces, they have made sure we want to come back.

In a discussion on France Culture, three individuals discuss this sometimes dangerous reality. Indeed, combined with a "we only have one life" philosophy, many binge on activities. Many people find themselves checking their phones while with family, at a meal with friends, etc.

As a result, the right to disconnect seems more important than ever. Because while it's a personal matter to tear oneself away from apps for a bit, societal ideology must also bring other messages than the "risk of missing out on everything" one.

Length: 39min16

Illustration: Jan Vašek from Pixabay

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