Publish at 06 décembre 2021 Updated 16 décembre 2021

Identify types of analogy

Untangle the concepts of simile, metaphor, personification and allegory

The French language is used in all sorts of ways. Poets use it as a lever to evoke emotions. So the words caress or hurt the readers or listeners. These emissaries provide them with images that may follow them until they cross paths with the Grim Reaper. Authors and communicators often use analogies in their speech.

Or, as this vignette from "A 5-Minute Course" reminds us, there are various types of analogies. Comparison is the easiest since it uses a comparative expression to clearly show the connection between two ideas. Metaphor is more subtle in that the relationship is not as explicit. Personification gives elements human attributes, while allegory expresses a concept in a concrete image. Incidentally, all four appear in the first paragraph. Can you find them?

Time: 5 minutes

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