Publish at February 22 2022 Updated March 04 2022

Language as a vehicle for acceptance

Improving language skills for integration

We forget this, but language is a vector of social acceptance. Indeed, a recruiter will immediately set aside candidates with spelling mistakes or shaky syntax. A person on a dating network with a poor command of the language will have less success. In short, in order to break into social spheres, one must practice the art of the spoken word, whether written or spoken.

Joona Karijoki can attest to this. Finnish of origin, he will arrive at 6 years old in France. He will then see the blocks that a lack of understanding brings when 200 students ask him if he is okay. What to answer when you don't know what it means?

Today, the man masters French very well and explains how the acquisition of a new language opens doors socially. And it's not enough to retain vocabulary. The non-verbal part plays a major role in building confidence. By understanding the gestural habits of a people, you can more easily communicate with them.

Time: 15min32

Illustration: Denis Cherkashin on Unsplash

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