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Book Creator - Digital books for the classroom

Create your own educational resources or let your students take the lead.

Book Creator

Book Creator is an online application that allows you to quickly and easily create a multimedia, interactive and interdisciplinary digital book.

Text, images, audio and video can be inserted and combined from within the application to create (for example):

  • Interactive stories
  • Digital portfolios
  • Research journals
  • Poetry books
  • Scientific reports
  • User manuals
  • "About Me" books
  • Comic adventures

The online service provides us with a free plan, which allows us to build up a library of 40 books. Access to each book or the entire library is made possible by a code for the entire class. It should be noted that the books can be read online on any browser (on PC, tablet and smartphone) and shared on a website or blog. They can also be downloaded in PDF format or as a video.

How does it work?

The eduLAB team, through their trainer Ghislain Dominé, offers us a whole series of video tutorials to start easily and quickly in creating a digital book with Book Creator. 

Book Creator Tutorial 1: teacher/student connection

Book Creator 2 tutorial: the library and templates

Book Creator 3 tutorial: getting started creating a book

Here is a list of other video tutorials available on the eduLAB TV:

Feedback on uses

Véronique Favre

Véronique Favre, a PS teacher, has put together the article "Creations  "mathématiques", livres à compter et-suites-algorithmiques" on her site Doigtdecole a set of books to work on the domain "Building the first tools to structure one's thinking" made with Book Creator by him intended for his early section class, as part of the pedagogical continuity linked to the COVID 19 crisis.

Sébastien Manodritta

Sébastien Manodritta, teacher in triple level and host of the podcast eTeachers, presents in his article "Making a Digital Art Portfolio with Book Creator" for the BeProf website, how he uses Book Creator in his classroom.

First, he explains that there are two versions of the service: an online version and an iPad app. For him, each of the versions offers a user interface adapted to younger Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 students: few buttons, few menus, and automatic saving. 

He explains to us that Book Creator also allows the digital books to be played back as a video, which offers the possibility of preserving the recorded comments.

He goes on to explain that he uses Book Creator in its app form in his classroom because he is fortunate, he writes, to have a few tablets. His students first become familiar with the interface through small productions. Later on, they produce more and more extensive presentations. Using an app version requires him, he writes, to assign each student the same tablet so that he or she can find his or her productions.

When using the online version, he explains to us that he begins by creating a book or portfolio, for each student, as part of art instruction. He creates a basic template, which he duplicates. The service offers him a QR Code to easily share the different copies. Each student can then access all the portfolios of the class, including his own. As far as personalization is concerned, it gives them a lot of freedom.

Finally, he explains that visual arts is a field in which "students must be led to question their practice", even to "build on their experience" according to the official programs. This is where digital, and particularly Book Creator, plays a prominent role. Once online, students can keep a record of their visual productions and return to them at their leisure. The portfolio then becomes a body of reference for the work in plastic arts with which one can then play on the number of productions or the theme to be presented.

    Catherine Rhéaume

    Catherine Rhéaume is a teacher at Cégep Limoilou and also an editor/writer for Profweb (ndlr, now Eductive). She outlines some aspects of the educational value of digital books in her article "Creating a Digital Book with Book Creator".

    For her, as access to electronic devices becomes more widespread in the classroom, it becomes possible for teachers to consider replacing a paper textbook or lecture notes with an electronic textbook that they create themselves.

    Educational uses of digital book creation tool Educational uses of digital book creation tool Click to read this book, created with Book Creator

    Resources for Teachers - Book Creator

    The online application provides us with a "Resources for Teachers" in which we can discover a range of educational resources, classified by level (from kindergarten to high school) and by subject (math, science, languages, creative arts, ...) to help us make the most of Book Creator in our classroom.

    N.B.: This section being in English, you will have to activate the automatic translation of the page by your browser.

    My opinion on Book Creator

    The interest of a digital book is to go beyond the simple text and Book Creator puts at our disposal several possibilities of media integration (sounds, videos, hyperlinks, downloadable files) which make its main advantage. Not to mention, that its intuitive handling and its speed of creation allow a real autonomy from a young age.

    The pedagogical uses of a creation tool such as Book Creator in a classroom context where the use of technological devices (tablets) is becoming more and more democratized thus offer many possibilities to the various actors of education.  


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