Publish at March 27 2022 Updated April 07 2022

The reality of transclasses

Is it that easy to leave your social class?

A huge part of the idea of meritocracy dominant in our societies rests on the principle that any individual can, by sheer force of will, rise from a lower social class to a higher one. That is the theory. In practice, however, it is much more complex. Philosopher Chantal Jacquet, coming from the thought of Baruch Spinoza, has been interested in what she calls transclasses.

The idea that everything is based on determination is just as misleading as the idea that everything is decided in advance. In fact, many factors will play into that small percentage of proletarians, for example, who will enter the elite. Their power to act has been fueled by various people or particular events. Besides, this change may mean material improvement, but it also comes with feelings that are hard to balance.

Climbing up the social ladder, yes, but does it match the values? In addition, transclassmen may experience shame in relation to their family background, feeling rejected by it or even by those in her new class.

Time: 17min10

Illustration : geralt on Pixabay

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