Publish at April 11 2022 Updated April 21 2022

A centenarian who continues to run

The incredible story of Fauja Singh

Is there a cut-off age when it makes no sense to start something? The question arises given that our society tends to associate old age with disability.

Yet it would be counterproductive to put up such barriers. Fauja Singh has been showing this since the early 2000s. The man who turns 111 on April 1, 2022, decided to take up running ... at age 85. He is the only centenarian to set the world mark for a marathon.

Running was never a true passion for him. After the death of his wife and a terrible monsoon that will take his youngest son, Mr. Singh's mental health is at its lowest. He went to join his elder son in London and discovered a group of Sikhs running. This activity will, among other things, save his life, bring him fame in the world of sports competitions and make him one of the spokespersons for the equipment manufacturer Adidas.

Time: 4min27

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