Publish at April 19 2022 Updated April 28 2022

Do plants have a musical sensitivity?

Some experiments would show that yes

In 1976, Mort Garson created a stir with his album. Not for shocking lyrics or unusual musical compositions but rather for the record's target audience, namely plants. "Plantasia" is a UFO in the new age electronic universe with its tracks designed for different species of indoor plants. A creation that has inspired a large number of musicians including Stevie Wonder, for example, who also composed an album with flora in mind.

Biologically can we say that plants are music lovers? The debate has raged among biologists since Joel Sternheimer's proteody theory. Nevertheless, recent studies and experiments carried out in France, among others, seem to show results. Small melodies could correct certain mechanics, improve photosynthesis, etc.

If this were to be confirmed through studies, then our vision of life would be quite changed.

Time: 4min32

Photo : CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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