Publish at April 25 2022 Updated May 03 2022

An overweight humanity

Food is not the only cause of this epidemic

Humanity has an exceptional opportunity when it comes to food. Indeed, even on the less wealthy continents, it is still easier to feed ourselves than it was 60 years ago. Yet this reality comes with a downside: the obesity rate has tripled worldwide. Be careful, however, because this figure comes from the Body Mass Index (BMI), which does not take into account certain health criteria.

In fact, it seems that more and more preconceived ideas are falling with the research. For example, diet no longer has the central role in the development of obesity. It is true that our caloric balance and ultra-processed foods have accelerated weight gain, but not everything is based on this. Even the issue of physical activity would not be as important. Which is not to say that we shouldn't do any, quite the contrary.

In fact, genetic factors and environmental components may have much more effect on this condition. Ongoing research will surely tell us more as the years go by.

Time: 8min54

Photo : Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

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