Publish at May 23 2022 Updated May 31 2022

Who is responsible for youth unemployment?

1 in 5 young French people are unemployed

20.20% of French youth under 25 were unemployed in 2021, one of the highest rates in Europe. What explains it? This debate broadcast by Arte tries to shed light on this situation. The pandemic issue has obviously not helped young people who would have taken jobs and odd jobs to subsist, making them inaccessible. Especially since the RSA (Active Solidarity Income) can not be received in France before the age of 25.

Emmanuel Macron had promised in the fall of 2021 the implementation of the "contract commitment youth" that would affect a part of them in an accompaniment to enter the labor market. Moreover, for some, the problem of the Hexagon lies exactly in this point.

The French school system would follow students less well compared to the Germans, the Swiss, etc. For others, however, this also shows the lack of a social net and financial security for many young people. Current initiatives fail to reach significant portions of this population and are sometimes even inadequate in finding real jobs for these unemployed.

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