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The Language of Leaders: Learn to Write with Confidence

Enhance your leadership role through powerful writing skills.

The written word is a powerful tool that you as a leader can use to your advantage. Effective and powerful writing helps you to communicate your messages to your target audience in a manner that is both captivating and compelling. How clearly do you convey your concepts and ideas? How well do you articulate your messages to your audiences? Is your writing free of grammatical, syntactical or spelling errors? Is your language simple, focused yet engaging?

Perhaps the biggest difference between verbal and written communication is the reach of the latter. Thanks to Social Media, almost everything that you write has the potential to reach people beyond your intended audience. And this is why writing assumes even greater significance. Not only is your writing an important reflection of your own leadership, it is also a glimpse into the organization you represent.

The objective of this course is to help you discover writing tools and techniques to improve the way you write, learn about the common errors in writing and how to avoid them, and study examples of powerful writing of great leaders so you can learn from them.

What you'll learn

  • The importance of writing as a leader
  • What are the elements of good writing
  • How to present your ideas, views or messages effectively
  • The common mistakes we make when we write and how to avoid them


Week 1: Introduction to The Language of Leaders: Learn to Write with Confidence

Understanding the importance of writing as a leader; what makes leadership writing different

Week 2: Elements of good writing

Principles of business writing; the importance of Focus, Clarity and Conciseness in leadership writing; writing in the era of Social Media

Week 3: Improving the way we write

Understanding how to write persuasively and professionally; improving our word power; reviewing a writing sample

Week 4. Finishing touches

Learning to recognize common errors in business writing and how to avoid them; Developing a Personal Development Plan

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