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This summer I am working in languages

Tips and ideas for a summer student job

Ah the summer and its beautiful days! It's the time to rest, to relax, to put aside the pressures of work, what a pleasure to finally think about something else! But no, in fact, it is also often the time for young people (and not so young) to take advantage of this beautiful season to deepen their professional experience by doing a summer job. It is often the opportunity to take your first steps on the job market, even if it is only temporary or unpaid. What if this summer we were to look for a small job in the field of languages?

Tourism and leisure jobs

Indubitably, the best way to improve one's mastery of languages is to practice them daily and directly with native speakers. In this case, what better way than to do it through summer jobs in the tourism sector? For example, in the field of catering, hospitality or travel. 

So, becoming a waiter/waitress in a tourist city is one of the best jobs to improve in languages. For this, the knowledge of another language, such as English or Spanish, is an essential prerequisite in order to be able to greet, offer dishes and take orders from the customer, without forgetting the cashing, of course! It goes without saying that the foreign tourist who is served in his language will tend to be more generous when it comes to tipping, everyone wins!" 

Receptionist in a hotel is another good option. Still in the same tourist setting, fluency in another language will reassure the traveler and provide a climate of confidence. 

Tourist guide also allows you to be on the front line to practice your foreign languages, but also to share your own language, culture and city, of course! In addition, tourists registered for these tours usually show an undeniable curiosity due to the fact that it is done of their own free will. It will be easy to arouse their interest! Most of the time, the students who offer their service as professional guides have, in the past, themselves, taken advantage of these tourist offers and now want in turn to transfer to new tourists their discoveries.

A new trendy summer job is that of "game master", in the context of an escape game (escape game). This very trendy leisure activity now wants to be the most accessible to a majority of people and therefore often offers activities in several languages. 

In the tourism industry, whether in restaurants, hotels, transportation, tourist or leisure places, finding a summer job should not be too difficult!

Education jobs

In addition to the fun and entertaining aspect of the tourism and leisure professions, it is also possible to find a student job specializing in languages in the education professions. Several options are possible: language instructor, assistant, interpreter, host family...

In general, universities, language schools or other educational institutions and organizations are actively looking for young people to fill these positions. Keep in mind that it is usually during the summer months that summer and language immersion camps are in full swing, so it is also a good time to find a small job in facilitation and educational support.

To get one of these jobs, there's no need to have a university degree (usually), but rather and most importantly to show an interest in languages, culture and education.

The role of these assistants/auxiliaries/teacher's assistants is mainly to animate, that is to say, to organize cultural outings with the students, activities, discussions, visits... besides the teacher who represents the didactic and rather strict figure, the assistant-monitor appears more as "the colleague" who will allow the young person to integrate well during his or her immersion, from the social, cultural, but also linguistic point of view! 

Finally, summer is the best season to find a good little student job in the field of languages, because in addition to being able to pass on knowledge and skills of your own language, you will surely also develop your mastery of the other languages you practice. Everyone comes out a winner: the student or tourist who will have learned something with you, but also yourself, personally, who will have improved your own language skills. 

Think also about organizations such as the Office franco-québécois de la jeunesse that offer on their website several job offers especially reserved for young people for the summer and that in addition promote exchanges between the two countries.

Finally, don't forget that the geographical context also plays a crucial role, as it will determine the amount of tourists, clients, students who will be attracted to the place in question. Therefore, it is advisable to be strategic about when to send your application letters and apply: major capitals, airports, train stations, UNESCO heritage sites, provincial, national sites... have an eagle eye so as not to give your tongue to the cat!"

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